Stephanie Mesick

Stephanie Mesick

Stephanie Mesick is Executive Director of the Omaha Office of Ending Spending and Director of Research and Outreach. After graduating from Iowa State University, she spent the next two decades working in the private sector building up expertise and management experience in the areas of business and strategic planning, P&L management, process improvement, and marketing and business development. During this period, she and her family explored many areas of America by moving from Minnesota to Virginia to Louisiana to Ohio back to Louisiana and finally, to where she resides today, Nebraska.

Back in the Midwest after 20 years in the private sector, Stephanie has spent the past year focusing her strengths, business acumen and experience on researching the broken and corrupted federal government’s appropriations, earmarks and overall spending processes.

Stephanie and her husband Jeff live in Omaha, Nebraska and have two children.

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