Taxpayers Against Earmarks is now Ending Spending

What’s in a name?  Last year, this community effectively eliminated earmarks for at least two years, after leading the most important earmark debate since the first earmark was vetoed in 1817.

In addition to continuing to watch our representatives in Congress to make sure they don’t go back to their old earmarking ways, we are expanding our efforts to educate Americans about our nation’s fiscal crisis. With this new focus, we have changed our name from Taxpayers Against Earmarks to Ending Spending. As with the earmark issue, we will be running a national campaign to help Americans learn about the budget crisis and to make sure politicians know that there will be consequences at the voting booth if they don’t show real leadership on budget issues.

To learn more about the facts, check out our new website sections: Fixing the Budget and Fixing the Process.

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Our national debt is  
$ 00 00 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000
and each American Taxpayer owes $119,236 of it.