The Big Tax Bomb is Still Ticking

Remember Taxmageddon, the fiscal catastrophe that looms on our horizon if Congress decides to raise taxes and allow the manifold tax hikes of Obamacare? It’s closer now — not so much “on the horizon” as “in our front yard, lacing up a pair of hobnail boots so it can kick down our front door, drag us outside, and give us the curb-stomping of our lives”.

The Heritage Foundation made a nifty little infographic to show us just how hard Taxmageddon will hit each one of us if Congress doesn’t take immediate and specific action to stop it. I warn you; you should probably drink your soda completely before you view the graphic, or risk immediate spew-related ruination of your computer monitor.

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Taxpayers Connected:

Our national debt is  
$ 00 00 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000
and each American Taxpayer owes $119,236 of it.