What Has Grown in Our Economy? Poverty and Despair.

The cost of President Obama’s ever-growing big government policies has cost us far more than we can reckon now. There are, quite literally, dozens of economic figures we could quote to support that contention: the trajectory of our national debt, the flaccid GDP growth numbers, the major unemployment indicators, the housing market, consumer debt, and college loan debt are good categories to explore if you want to paint the mural of failure to represent the past four years. One recent statistic, however, tells the story of how fall our nation has fallen and how much work we will all have to do to bring it back to where it once was. A recent Pew poll asked Americans into which economic class they thought they fit. Their answers were more dismal than even the most jaded pessimist would expect.

A Pew Research survey found Americans who saw themselves as being a part of the “lower classes” has increased from 25 percent to 32 percent during President Barack Obama’s tenure.  Even worse, those who describe themselves as “lower class” are losing hope, which is consistent with the 368,000 workers who gave up looking for work in August and left the workforce.

Seventy-seven percent said it was harder to get ahead than it was ten years ago and only 51% said hard work brings success. More people in the lower classes said they thought their children would have it worse in the next generation.

Think about what that means. Almost a third of America believes it is at the very bottom of our economy and, worse, these Americans believe they don’t have much chance of climbing up. Hope? Fading fast. Change? Decidedly for the worse.

The Census Bureau reported last month that one out of six Americans is under the poverty line, a new record. More families live in poverty now than ever before and the number of poor women in our country hit a 17-year high. These are the people left behind while our government has spent them into lives of desperate dependence. These are the Americans who believed that our government existed to give them all they could want only to learn that, to put it bluntly, their elected officials have lied to them. These Americans need help now, help that only a vibrant economy, responsible government, and renewed optimism can give them.

We know how to turn our economy around. We know what it takes. We know that gargantuan government filled with Budget Bandits won’t get the job done. It’s time we found some people who remember their job isn’t to pump hope and change into us like we’re hot air balloons but to give us a government that protects our rights and gives us room to find our own happiness.

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