A Few Quick Thoughts on the Debate, Spending, and the Debt

I watched the entire Presidential debate last night and, well, it was certainly interesting, wasn’t it? You can get my long-form thoughts here (along with links to several other very good commentaries). Frank Fleming’s roundup of reactions on Twitter is a very good (and funny) read as well.

I’m pleased that spending and the debt got as much attention as it did. Usually, spencing specifics get shoved to the side because there’s rarely enough time to talk at length about them and fit in all the other topics a moderator might want discussed into 90 minutes. Last night, however, Jim Lehrer let the candidates have some room to explain themselves and nibble at their opponent, which made the debate far more substantive than I has expected. Certainly, spending and the debt got more serious consideration than it did during the last two or three Presidential election cycles.

Of course, we still need to hear more about each candidates plans, especially how they expect to knock down our $16 trillion national debt in a timely fashion. I hope we get closer to that in the next debate on October 16th.

All in all, though, a good debate. I’m encouraged. Now let’s see more like it.

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