A New Waste Book for Another Wasteful Government Year

Senator Tom Coburn (R-VA) is out with the 2012 edition of his Waste Book, a collection of boondoggles and pork programs approved by Congress every year. He spent the last few days listing some of the more egregious examples of budget banditry on hit Twitter Feed. Here are a few of the best:

entry No. 51: Return of the Jedi? $11,700 federal grant for “Star Wars Day” event at Massachusetts public library.

entry No. 61: $97,000 for floating outhouses for Oregon fishermen

entry No. 46: this year, taxpayers paid $505,000 to promote specialty hair and beauty products for cats and dogs.

entry No. 9: $3.3 million to bail out failing Alaska tourist boat that’s sinking private business

The Senator points out we’re set to spend $3.6 trillion this year and run a deficit of about $1.2 trillion. Much of that — perhaps even most of that — is due to members of Congress who use our money to secure their own job security. It’s long past time we put people in office who treat our money like the precious commodity is it.

Download the 2012 Waste Book. Share the link with your friends. Tell them about the worst examples you can find. Make sure they know their vote next month can put people in office who won’t tolerate runaway government spending.

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