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Ending Spending, needs your help. We have established this form for you to notify us about your federal spending and process-reform concerns. We are looking for examples that illustrate wasted taxpayer funds or a broken process.

The strength of our community will be measured by the active participation of our supporters. Ending Spending needs you to be our eyes and ears: finding wasteful or out-of-control federal spending and letting us know how it affects your community. The most powerful tool we have to combat this problem is information.

Due to the anticipated large number of tips, we may not be able to respond to you directly. Please know that your tips are greatly appreciated and will be held confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Send us a tip

Taxpayers Connected:

Our national debt is  
$ 00 00 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000 , 000 000
and each American Taxpayer owes $119,236 of it.